Welcome To Hyer Orthodontics

At Hyer Orthodontics in Turlock and Los Banos, we know that creating a great smile is a gift for a lifetime. There is more to braces than just straightening teeth. We want to exceed your expectations. With the advances in modern technology we have seen dramatic improvements in the way we create smiles.
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what sets us apart?

Not all braces systems are the same! We exclusively use the DAMON SYSTEM. The Damon System is a revolutionary bracketing system that allows us to achieve results that are impossible with conventional bracketing systems. We rarely need to extract teeth, which allows our patients to exhibit broader smiles, and we rarely use orthodontic expanders. We believe the Damon System to be the most advanced form of orthodontic treatment available. It's more than just a brace.

The Damon System provides a clinically proven treatment approach that aligns teeth and enhances facial aesthetics.

What makes the Damon System unique? Traditional braces use "colored elastics" that act like brakes, resulting in friction and pressure that can make treatment slower and less comfortable. Damon System braces allow teeth to move more quickly, with less pressure and pain, and can eliminate crowding with few or no extractions and expanders. Not only do we strive to be at the forefront of orthodontic treatment, we also strive to be attentive to each individual's needs.

We are proud to be the providers of the Damon System, the revolutionary treatment that combines self-ligating braces and high-tech archwires to streamline the process of straightening your teeth. Put simply, the Damon System means faster treatment and fewer appointments for you! Even more important, it allows us to create broader smiles with better facial balance/aesthetics with fewer extractions or expanders.